Built-In Keywords

Keywords are named constants within a scripting context.


If the value of a constant is an object, its contents can be dereferenced using dot notation.

Most keywords can be used in JavaScript and StructrScript contexts. In a StructrScript context, they can be used directly. In a JavaScript context the can be used via the $.get(<keyword>) function (or since release 3.5 also via $.<keyword>).

JavaScript-only keywords are made available by functions.

StructrScript Example


JavaScript Example (< 3.5)

${{ $.print($.get('page').name); }}
${{ $.print($.get('current').owner.name); }}

JavaScript Example (>= 3.5)

${{ $.print($.get('page').name); }}
${{ $.print($.page.name); }}
${{ $.print($.current.owner.name); }}

Keyword List

JavaScript-only keywords

The following keywords are only directly usable in JavaScript. See Keyword Helper Functions to see how to use this can be used in StructrScript.