Built-in scripting functionsBuilt-In Functions

Optional parameters for functions will be shown in square brackets in this article. If parameters have default values they will be shown in the usage string.

Most functions are available in JavaScript as well (exceptions are marked as such). Function names containing an underscore are also made available in mixedCase (CamelCase beginning with a lowercase character)

This chapter covers the following topics:

Boolean Functions

Collection Functions

Access Control Functions

These functions can be used to set access rights for users/groups to nodes. (see Node-level security)

Entity Functions

Geo Functions

HTTP Functions

I/O Functions

E-Mail Functions

Basic E-Mail Functions

Advanced E-Mail Functions

Miscellaneous Functions

Numerical Functions

Query Functions

Rendering Functions

Schema Functions

String Functions

Date Functions

Keyword Helper Functions

The following functions are helpers to access JavaScript-only keywords from StructrScript